Vocabridge is a premium language services company based in London, UK, providing fully managed end to end language solutions to businesses, Government agencies and NGOs.  We deploy specialised linguists in over 50 markets, to translate and localise your documents, campaigns, products and contents in to effective and consistent communication that your audience/clients will understand.

Our Services 

Translation  Any document in any format is translated to your required target languages by a translator with specific subject matter and industry expertise. All translations are independently proof read by an expert translator at no extra cost - as part of our 5 step quality management process.
Localisation When your target audience are in a particular market and you need your content, campaigns, Website, software or app customised to that market, you need to go beyond translation and localise in order to engage your audience in a meaningful way.
Transcription For a flawless professional transcription service that you can rely on. Our dedicated transcriptionists teams are subject matter experts in their respective language pairs and equipped with the latest technologies to assist them in handling the most complex transcription projects. 
Desktop Publishing Should you be working with artwork file formats, Vocabridge are able to alleviate the challenges of managing multi-lingual document formatting such as text expansion and contraction or foreign character sets. Post translation, our DTP specialists will flow the copy back into the original artwork to provide a fully formatted, print-ready file, with no fuss!
Subtitling For your videos, films and multi media content, we provide best in class subtitling and captioning services in all major formats. 
Glossary If you work with glossaries then share those with us and we can incorporate them into the translation workflow. Term-bases, style-guides and glossaries can all be used to support translation quality and consistency and maintain your brand's style and tone of voice across your multi-lingual content.
Translation Memory To increase writing efficiency, Vocabridge translators use Translation Memory as standard. The creation, content management and maintenance (validation and review of changes) of your personal Memory is all part of our one-stop service.
Translation Management Vocabridge translation management system is designed to allow our clients 24/7 access to translation services. Log into our secure portal at your convenience, to track current projects, view your invoices or submit new requests.
File preparation and post-processing In order to efficiently and easily manage the files to be translated with a TM system, it is necessary for a Translation Engineer to perform file preparation and post-processing (also known as translation / file engineering). The outlay for the preparation and follow-up work depends on the format, structure and complexity of the file.
Project Management Vocabridge project management team co-ordinates project evaluation, project calculation, process optimisation, tool and programme management, resource planning and also process monitoring, communication supervision and project co-ordination.


Our Leadership

Our management team hosts some brilliant minds from all over the world. We foster a creative and collaborative working environment that inspires the staffs to express new ideas and contribute to the growth of the company. Besides the management part of the company, the actual work is carried out by a group of select professionals from all over the world. The selection process is highly rigorous to ensure that we are selecting only the best people out there.


Our Technology

Vocabridge has spent a year in listening to global organisations and in R&D to create a world class suite of technologies that enable clients to easily manage their translation and localisation needs from wherever they are with a few clicks.

LanguageDesk ® - is an easy to use drag and drop user interface that enables businesses to manage their language services needs, multi lingual communication and assets in the most seamless efficient way.

LanguagePanel ® - is a highly agile and flexible cloud based process management, workflow, quality management, reporting and asset management platform that enables Vocabridge to deliver very large and complex translation and localisation projects faster and more efficiently, allowing our clients to service more markets in less time and cost.

Our Responsibility

Vocabridge recognises that it is nothing without the people and the society. This recognition is reflected through our activities beyond day-to-day business transactions. Vocabridge has a special disaster response program that helps people during any kind of disaster. Besides that, Vocabridge donates part of its revenue to many social endeavours. Also, our organisational process is almost paperless and green is not just the colour our Website wears. We are reluctant to label these activities our "Corporate Social Responsibility" since we strongly believe that remaining accountable to the society and people is an integral part of our core philosophy.

Vocabridge is essentially a language service provider, but not just another language service provider. We hope this page answered most of the questions you may have about us.